Manshooter – a London-based professional photographer equally at home in the studio or or location… Always on the look out for models, athletes, dancers and every-day guys.
Also available for private commissions.

Want to model? …

If I have contacted you, chances are I am interested in photographing you. You may or may not have experience, but if you have a look that I can use in my portfolio, experience does not matter. It is common in the industry for models who want to build their portfolio to trade their time with a photographer who is interested in their look. This trade is often referred to as TFP, which means Time for Prints (or in this digital age, JPGs). I often photograph models as TFP, usually a 2-hour shoot, and in return I will supply you with at least 5 high quality, edited images. An edited image is Photoshopped with contrast, color and softened blemishes, and ready to print. So if you are interested in a TFP shoot, please e-mail me at studio@manshooter.com.
Many of the models I test with go on to star in my paid shoots!

If I have not contacted you, if you have found me through a friend, a search engine or a modeling site, and you want to be photographed or ‘tested’ by me, please contact me at studio@manshooter.com and attach a current photo to give me an idea of what your look is. As this is not a TFP shoot that I have initiated there may be a fee involved.

All models must be at least 18 years of age and provide a valid ID on the day of the shoot – no exceptions. A few days beforehand we should discuss your wardrobe, what you need to bring and how to prepare but this is not something to panic or worry about, I strive to be the best professional I can be and believe a photo shoot should be fun at all times, and I encourage models to look forward to it as an adventure in creativity.

Any questions, email : studio@manshooter.com